Dealing with pregnancy side effects.

Entering this new territory called pregnancy does comes with its challenges… Challenges I did not expect would be so debilitating…

Despite the relentless all-day sickness, I discovered that two mostly mindless daily activities have become a battle, namely brushing my teeth and pooping… Yes I know probably no news to you ladies who have already been there!

The battle of the toothbrush is a twice a day struggle really.

I considered stopping brushing my teeth altogether but being the anti-cavity freak that I am, I have to brush my teeth. I thought about brushing the front teeth only, but what is the point in that… Thought the toothpaste was the culprit so tried a few different ones but it did not make a difference… tried using a smaller toothbrush, Nope did not work either.

I just brace myself to go through the ordeal: sweating and shaking, trying to stare blankly at the wall, using my calm breathing in hopes that the gagging will not turn into throwing up.

As soon as the now familiar gaging sensation appears, more breathing and a quick spit out, which in itself makes me gag even more, a rinse and ahh… deep breath, the relief to be done.

I keep on telling Baby Peanut that I am not trying to poison it – I don’t know the sex and truly don’t want to know (more on that later) so I use ‘it’ as a pronoun – that what I put in my mouth is for both our benefits… Don’t think Baby Peanut cares or has anything to do with it really.

But finally, after browsing on some forum I found the answer! Humming really loudly as you brush your teeth, your throat can only do one thing at once the woman said! And yes it does work, not that it completely gets rid of the gaging reflex but it helps tremendously!

Always a thought for my neighbors though, can they hear the humming getting louder as the gagging kicks in and wonder what the heck is going on?

Now onto the other subject…

Pooping looked like it was becoming a sweaty, blood vessel popping, hemorrhoid forming adventure. Fun right?

I have always been a daily kind of girl so when it first started I thought well, tomorrow. But tomorrow did not come for a looong time…

So you try right, regardless of not having an urge whatsoever.

You push, you get a squatty potty, you push more, you think that you already have popped blood vessels in your eyes from throwing up so do you really need to pop more blood vessels in your face? You think how am I going to push a baby out when I can’t even poop? You try birth breathing but of course nothing happens when your bowels are on stand still… ( by the way birth breathing does not work unless you are experiencing the NER, natural expulsive reflex) Nothing happens! You leave the bathroom defeated and in a bad mood and no your husband can’t touch your belly!

So I upped my liquid intake as best as I could considering water made me nauseous, ate bananas (I think fiber makes it worse), then started eating yoghurts when they seemed appealing but not much changed. I tried glycerin suppositories ( I know the French and their suppositories…) but to this day I am still not sure how they are supposed to work.

After the 2d OB apt and her telling me she was happy I was starting to put on weight, I had to tell her that I suspected that it was not all baby ? To which she told me to get Colace and Dulcolax.

Bought them but never tried them. Part of me wondered how long they would take to work and if I would be able to find a bathroom in time.

I really wanted my bowels to stop being lazy but clearly they had a mind of their own… That is when my acupuncturist recommended Nature Calm, a magnesium supplement. It took me a while to figure out the right dosage but now I am on 5 teaspoons every two days and it does wonders! It also helps me sleep and puts me back in a great rhythm.

It seems the struggles are getting easier as I learn what to expect and be proactive. Onto the next ones!

What was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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