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Peanut’s birth story

As a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator and a doula, I felt pretty prepared for birth and did not feel scared. The plan was to have a physiological birth and to stay away from interventions and an epidural. Even though, I had the label high risk because of age… and some borderline fasting gestational diabetes numbers, I worked on finding care providers that would truly support my

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Bodywork in pregnancy | Doula Blog NYC
Bodywork in Pregnancy : Craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy

While doing some research on migraines with aura, I came across a forum where someone mentioned seeing a chiropractor and or craniosacral bodyworker to help ease the symptoms. I am very fortunate that ever since I moved to NYC, I somehow have crossed paths with the best bodyworkers in their discipline. Years ago, I realized during my meditations that my body was trying to release

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