Confident Birth Course

A Roadmap to a Positive & Empowered Birth

A Comprehensive Online Childbirth Class
Combining HypnoBirthing & Other Techniques.

Last chance to Sign Up for the Free Fear Release Workshop! Jan 17th at 11am

I know there is a ton of information out there and it can feel quite overwhelming!

And that is why I have created this program!

These classes are for you:

Especially if you are really scared:

You may have heard some scary stories, maybe you are scared of the pain or maybe you are not sure how you are going to get a baby out of your vagina...

Whether you want to use pain medication or not:

We will cover all the different interventions and pain relief medication so that you know all your options.

To help you advocate for your birth preferences:

You will learn how to have a conversation with your care team and advocate for yourself.

Wherever you want to give birth:

Whether you want to give birth in a hospital, a birthing center or at home.

Enrollment for the VIP Package is Only Open
Four Times a Year!

Feb/March/April Due Dates
Enrollment closes Jan 18th!

May/June/July Due Dates
Enrollment for the March 22nd series

From Fearful 
To Confident & Excited
About Giving Birth!

At the end of this program you will feel:


You will have Evidence Based Information on labor interventions and birth protocols to make informed decisions for your family!


You will use easy meditation and visualization techniques to release your fears and work with affirmations to enhance your feel good hormones during pregnancy and birth!


You will know amazing techniques to bond with your baby and get them in an ideal position for an easier birth!

And your partner will know how to support you best in labor!


You will review laboring positions and easy techniques that help with comfort!

And go over what to do with different labor patterns to help labor progress!

Client testimonial:

“I started taking private classes with Maeva just a few months before I was due with my first child. It was the best decision I ever made.

I had always been so afraid of giving birth due to so many horrible stories women in my life told me over the years. On top of my fear I have a spinal fusion due to scoliosis so my chances for an epidural were slim and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. Maeva helped me to overcome so much of my fear in just a handful of sessions. Her energy was always so calm and reassuring, she was also a wealth of knowledge and helped prepare me for every step of the way.

The day my water broke I was able to breath through my contractions without any pain medication until I was about 6cm dilated. They even gave me pitocin to speed things up  but I was able to receive a little IV medication . Once I started pushing it was exactly as she described, intense, but totally manageable.

Thanks to my work with Maeva I was able to relax and trust my body throughout the process and finally meet my baby boy! I felt incredibly proud of my body and so empowered after giving birth. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to overcome fear or just have a more positive birth experience. I will definitely be signing up when I’m pregnant again.”

       Lindsay, Mum, Model & Co-founder of @Wander_Beauty

Self Study Package

Available February 2021
$ 197
  • Pre-recorded Classes
  • Meditation Mp3s
  • Access to Resource Area
  • Self Study

VIP Package

Opens Only 4 Times a Year!
$ 397
  • Pre-recorded Classes 
  • Meditation MP3s & Access to Resource Area
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Maéva

Live class Package

HypnoBirthing Only
$ 550
  • HypnoBirthing - The Mongan method Curriculum
  • 5 Week Live classes taught by Maéva
  • Class Material shipped to your residence

What is included:

  • 5 Modules with 4 lessons each
  • PDFs and study checklists which each module
  • Meditations MP3s to listen to before and during labor 
  • Fear Release Guide PDF
  • Extensive resources Area

Bonuses with the VIP Package:

  • Weekly live Q&A with Maéva during the 5 week program (30 min each)
  • Private FB group

You will be given one module per week so that you have time to absorb the material before diving into the next module.

This way we’ll avoid information overload and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed!

What People are saying about the classes:

Siqi Mou & Derek Zhao

"I was terrified and super scared of birth given all the stories I've read, movies I've watched. And I was also very fearful of the idea of epidural. I felt a lot less scared after taking the class and I was very happy to report that I managed to give birth to my son without epidural! I am so grateful for what I learned in this class!"

Mum, Co-Founder & CEO of @helloavabeauty

"I was nervous and had some anxiety thinking about the birth. I decided early on that I wanted to educate myself about what to expect on that day... What was most beneficial for me was learning step by step what to expect, from when I had my first surges to getting to the hospital, and what would follow once I was there. We felt much more prepared, excited and empowered after taking the class."

Mum to Indilou & [email protected]

"The class gave me and my partner the information and confidence we needed. Not a tiny bit of fear crossed my mind, and even though I was in pain, I felt joy after every contraction, I knew she was coming closer to me. Knowing what was happening, and knowing that when i reached the point of “i cant do this anymore”, I knew I was fully dilated and she was gonna be here soon! It kept me calm. Staying out of the way of what my body and my baby needed to do was my main focus. But the most beneficial was definetely feeling calm and confident to birth my baby"

Mum to Mika @barbaradicreddo

What you will learn in the class modules:


The classes will start In January 2021!
Stay in the know.

Educate Yourself

·      What happens during labor 

·      The importance of your baby's position

·      Common interventions and pain relief options 

·      Cesarean birth

Set your intention for the birth of your baby

·      Find your voice & Connect 

·      Examine your fears

·      The purpose of a birth plan

·      Navigating the Crisis of Confidence

Prepare Your Mind: Release and Rehearse

·      Breathing techniques 

·      Affirmations

·      Release your fears

·      Visualization & Meditation techniques

Prepare Your Body: Soften and Open

·      Posture & Stretching

·      Getting your Baby in an Ideal Position for Birth

·      Body & Mind Challenges

·      Preparing your perineum

Practice and Coping Tools

·      Stages of labor: Understanding your body's signals.

·      Birth Partner tips

·      Tools: Rebozo, Counter pressure, Birth & Peanut ball

·      Troubleshooting


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